Proctology Facts for Hemorrhoids

You can treat the majority of hemorrhoids with straightforward medical procedures, or in the comfort of your own home. Frequently, constipation prevention is the secret to hemorrhoid treatment. And easy lifestyle and dietary adjustments might help to lessen the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Consuming a diet that is rich in fiber will soften stools so they can pass easier, allowing you to avoid any bowel movement straining. Fiber is present in vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, seeds and nuts.external hemorrhoids

The Nutrition and Dietetics Academy advises that adults should consume no less than thirty-eight grams and twenty-five grams of fiber a day, for men and women respectively. To avoid excess gas problems, it is best to gradually increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Consider using a fiber supplement, if you struggle to eat more fiber.

Lots of people delay visiting the doctor when they notice they have hemorrhoids, due to embarrassment, but a professional should always examine these. A proper medical examination will allow your doctor to determine the best treatment. Also, it will detect more serious problems, such as cancer. Your doctor will want a description of your symptoms, and will ask you whether your stools have blood in them. If they do, you will require a bowel endoscopy inspection. Your doctor will digitally examine your rectum for anything abnormal, to find out if your hemorrhoids are enlarged or if your anus is inflamed.

A proctoscopy is the usual course of treatment, if any such problems are discovered. Throughout this procedure, a tube with a lens and light is utilized to inspect the membranes that line your rectum. Your doctor can then gauge the actual size of your hemorrhoids. Thankfully, this process is normally pain free.

Selecting the right over the counter hemorrhoid treatment depends on your symptoms and the kind of hemorrhoids you suffer from. For itchy hemorrhoids, be they external or internal, treatments that contain hydrocortisone drugs can reduce inflammation and itching. Witch hazel, and other mild astringents, are often effective when included in these treatments as well. Using an astrigent to cleanse the anal area regularly will remove irritating stools, which can cause burning and make hemorrhoids worse.

Over the counter hemorrhoid treatments often include lanolin too. This makes the surrounding tissue softer and repairs inflamed skin. Nonetheless, some products have hydrocortisone and lanolin in them, but they are not suitable for use as hemorrhoid treatments. For this reason, always check that the product you buy is intended for hemorrhoids.

Premoistened hemorrhoid towelettes are another over the counter treatment for cleaning the anal area. Many of these products contain agents like aloe to keep the skin soft. Diaper rash lotion is a useful treatment as well. Zinc oxide is the active component in this that reduces itchiness and pain, and prevents moisture from stopping inflamed skin from healing.

A stool softener can counteract constipation. This is often a precursor to hemorrhoid development. Once stools are able to be discharged without straining, over the counter treatments tend to work better.