Guiding our communities from oil dependency to local resilience
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About Transition Los Angeles

Transition Los Angeles (TLA) is a group of local grassroots citizens who are
preparing our communities for a positive outcome through the sweeping
changes coming with global warming, peak oil, and economic contraction.  We work to Transition our society from our current high-energy, high-consumption
lifestyles toward our inevitable lower-powered future.  We do this by
growing local resilience, our ability to flex and adapt to change.

our structure

Transition Los Angeles is a "city hub," in the lingo of the international Transition Network.  It was the first official Transition Initiative in the L.A. basin. 

Transition in the vast Los Angeles basin is taking place via a network of local groups, some of which have attained official "Transition Initiative" status themselves. 

our approach

How are we doing it?  Yes, L.A. is a vast --and potentially daunting-- metropolitan area.  Read more about how we are approaching the question of how to Transition such a huge area.

our mission

The Aims of TLA are:

  1. To raise awareness of the issues associated with the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change and the consequent need to develop a low carbon, resilient future;
  2. To nurture, cultivate, and support groups that are making the Transition to a lower carbon, more resilient, ethical future;
  3. To facilitate communication and sharing of resources between these local groups;
  4. To promote, encourage and support the development of community action to achieve greater resilience in Los Angeles;
  5. To hold the vision of a peaceful and well-planned energy descent in the greater Los Angeles basin.

OUR COMMON GOAL is growing local community resilience and self-sufficiency throughout the Los Angeles basin. We realize that we cannot succeed alone; our individual security during energy descent within this massive LA basin is entirely dependent upon the degree to which we have prepared the whole area.

our history

The initial Transition efforts for most parts of the Los Angeles area were initiated by the Environmental Change-Makers, a community group in the Westchester/LAX area.




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The Transition movement is a proactive, positive visioning, forward-thinking approach to the realities of our future.  Peak oil and climate change, combined, demand that we rethink virtually every aspect of our modern world, and that we begin to mobilize this Transition immediately. The Transition movement declares that a future with less oil could possibly be better than what we have now - IF we consciously design it to be that way.  People within the Transition movement are actively working to envision and create that positive change.

There are several ways you can learn more about Transition and get involved in the action.




Creating the world we want is a much more subtle but more powerful mode of operation than destroying the one we don't want.

--Marianne Williamson